Regards croisés

Context: Graduation project

Date: May 2021

Tag: Interactive projection

Sympa, from the ancient Greek syn (with) and páthos (emotion), sums up our collective ambition : to make emotions feel together through digital devices. We created our collective Sympa in 2020 around a common passion : projection. We work on the concept of otherness and consider our installations as means of revealing the invisible.
Our diploma project Regards Croisés was born from a parallel between the projection that emits light and the eye that receives it. This was obvious for us because, everyday, we meet a multitude of people when we are walking in the street, taking public transport or shopping... All these looks can be perceived differently. Depending on the situation and the people you address it, it can sometimes be difficult to understand its intention.
Regards Croisés is the desire to create a break in our daily life, using the digital as a means of mediation to take the time to meet the other. To make this meeting possible, we propose five devices that gradually invite each of us to look into each other’s eyes.